Greenleaf Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)


Upcoming Schedule of Events 

  February 6, 2016

130 Church Anniversary Banquet

February 14, 2016  130 Church Anniversary Celebration


                                                               MEETING AND REHEARSALS 


Youth Choir rehearsal the 2nd Wednesday prior to the
2nd Sunday at 7:00pm. 

Sunday School Staff meets the third Wednesday
of the month at 6:00pm.  
Quarterly meetings will be announced. 
Contact Bro. Wilbur Barnes.

 Unity Mass Choir rehearsal Thursdays prior to
1st, 2nd, and 3rd  Sundays at 7:00pm. 
  Deacon Toni Stolirchick

 Male Choir rehearsal Saturday prior to 4th Sun. 10 am  
Contact Deacon  Jerry Howard

Praise & Worship Min. rehearsal to be announced. 
Contact Rev. Shyrl Hinnant. Uzzell

Trustee Ministry 2nd Monday, 6:00pm.  Every other month.   
Contact Bro. Melvin DeVeaux

Diaconate Ministry every other month Monday
after the first Sunday, 6:00pm.  
Contact Deacon  Grady Deloatch

Pastor’s Aide Min. 2nd Wed. at 6:00pm.  
Contact Deacon Robin DeVeaux

Mission and Outreach Min. 4th Tue.,12:30pm.  

Simeon and Anna Senior Ministry meets the 
4th Wednesday, 10:30am, 
Greenleaf Grace Village.  Contact Sis. Stella Thompson

Floral Ministry, Sat. prior to the 2nd Sunday.  
Contact Sis. V. Cauthen

Health Ministry meet every 2nd Saturday, 11AM  
Contact Sis. Mary Gosa

Membership Ministry meets 1st Tuesday,  
Contact (to be announced)

Leadership Ministry meets every quarter, 

Church Conference meets quarterly,
Date will be announced.

Nursing Home Ministry, Min. Joe Barnes, 
Visits will be announced.

Consecration Ministry,
Meetings will be announced

Program Ministry meets as scheduled,  
Contact Sis. Ernestine Powell

Youth Ministry meet every 1st. Saturday,

Christian Education Meet the 2nd Wednesday, 5:30 PM,
  See Sis. R. Hinnant
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